Join the High Flyers’ Club – Build a great career as a flight cabin crew!

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Today, the aviation industry requires professional, talented, confident, presentable and preferably multi-lingual crew members who can ensure their passengers are comfortable. IIA provides the industry with the best professionals in this aspect. We at IIA, provide the best air-hostess/steward training which stands unique by the curriculum and features we offer.

What we aim at is to mould aspiring and eager individuals to meet the standards of the industry and become a successful cabin crew member.

Our exclusive features in Cabin Crew Training:
  • Both Domestic and International options
  • Dedicated grooming sessions
  • Spoken English and Hindi training
  • Foreign language add-ons
  • First Aid training by registered paramedic
  • Intensive Interview preparation
  • International training in Dubai
  • 3-week internship in Bahrain