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Be in charge of the skies and take your mean machine around the world – become a Pilot with IIA !

The world is need of umpteen number of pilots as more and more airplanes are added to the fleet of leading airlines around the globe. IIA helps in filling this requirement through our Commercial Pilot License and Multi-Crew Pilot License programs. We assure the best training and placement in flying jobs across the world.

Commercial Pilot License
  • Express License
  • 250+ hours of flying
  • Get trained at Merritt Island Airport in Florida, U.S.
  • FAA & EASA certified Program
  • International Placement

Integrated ATPL Program:

  • PPL + CPL + ME/IR + ATPL theory
  • 16 months classes + flight training
  • 265 flying hours in New Zealand / South Africa
  • ATPL issued after 1500 flying hours

Multi-Crew Pilot License:
  • Comprehensive Flying training
  • 1500+ hours of flying
  • Get trained at Sharjah International Airport, UAE
  • Summer training sessions in South Africa, the Philippines and the U.S.
  • Air Arabia Placement guaranteed upon completion
  • EASA & GCAA licensed program